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Viacheslav Gorsky

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Viacheslav Gorsky
Trio of Viacheslav Gorsky


Viacheslav Gorsky - Keyboards

Alexey Lebedev - Bass

Ruslan Kapitonov - Drums

New Romantic Jazz is a new project by Viacheslav Gorsky where he joins classic music and jazz, paying his respects to his idols: F. Chopin, I.S. Bach, J. Sibelius, and also to B. Evans and K. Jarett. Young but already famous in Russia musicians became Gorsky's partners: Evgeny Sharikov (bass) "Arsenal" orchestra and performs with many Russian jazz "stars", and a brilliant drummer Ruslan Kapitonov, who also plays in Gorsky's "Quadro" and in jazz-rock group - "Trans-Atlantic". The program was shown in Moscow and other cities and towns with great success. Among his future plans there are concerts in Ukraine, Finland and Swiss.

The program of the Project includes new versions of famous themes composed by Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, Herbie Hancock, Gary Brooker, and new pieces specially created by V. Gorsky.

This time V. Gorsky is preparing the new project with outstanding Russian "Glinka Quartet" included arrangements of jazz hits and Gorsky's own themes. This program could also be performed with String Orchestra.

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